Spotlight on Karen and Kathy Sills

Today’s interview features a pair of sisters who are also writing partners.  They’re two imaginative, creative ladies who brighten the world–and the world of their publisher, PDMI Publishing, LLC–with their work.  Here are Karen and Kathy!


How did the two of you get interested in writing?  We have always had a vivid imagination, we love to make up stories. We started writing children’s books when we needed a story for our preschool class.
Have you always liked to read? Who are some authors that inspired you?  Yes, we love to read! Debbie Macomber, VC Andrews, Fren Michaels, Emily March, Lisa Jackson.
Why children’s books, as opposed to novels for adults?  It’s fun to write children’s books because we enjoy seeing their faces when they read one of our books, or if they can’t read you can still tell they like the book by how much they enjoy the pictures. BUT we both would love to have a novel published one day!

What’s your current writing project?   We enjoy cooking and creating our own recipes. No recipes have made it into our children’s books yet, but we plan in the near future adding recipes for kids to one of our children’s books. The Fake Bug Collection is our next children’s book. Kathy is working on P.S. You’re Dead, a novel in the making. Karen is working on her own novel, Chemo Buddies.
Have you visited any schools since the book’s been out? How do kids seem to respond to the book? We have read our books to the children where we work, and at our local Library. The children gets involved in the stories. We have also used our books at our church where the children looked at the book , and one even wanted to take it home.

Is there something you’re trying to teach with your writing—a message in your works? If so, what is it? Is there any advice you’d give to new writers?
With our book Wiggle Worm’s Shape Adventure, we are trying to teach children how to help one another. It also teaches basic math and shapes. And as far as advice for writers– read all you can, and most important, never give up when you receive an rejections slip! Always write, write and write, everyday!


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