Different Worlds, Different Minds

Different Worlds, Different Minds: Two Conversations with Three Different Alien Minds

I hope you’ll be as fascinated by today’s spotlight as I am. Today’s feature is an interview conducted by someone close to me—the charming, intelligent and lovely Annah of Evohe. She’s our guest blogger today, and she’s talking with Rivinaig, a young woman not too far from her own age (Annah is nineteen now), as well as with Whirlp, who is, of all things—a non-Earther squirrel! I’ll let Annah take it from here. She says I haven’t been letting her talk enough lately.

A Conversation with Rivinaig

1) What do you think living away from Earth taught you about the human race? It’s nice to meet you Annah, I’ve heard so much about you from Ms. Jennings. Wow, the hard questions right away! Hmm, I’d say that I came to the conclusion that the human race doesn’t learn from their mistakes very easily. We fight change and even growth. Humans don’t advance very easily. However, its because of that resistance that we often come out stronger in the end.

With that in mind I can honestly say that I understand why the Aruk set their sights on Earth, and I wouldn’t put it past them to try again. You see, the Aruk believe that they are obligated to conquer and control other species due to their advanced intellect. The Aruk can’t understand why we resist this change or why the resistance makes us stronger. I honestly think they see humanity as an entertaining challenge.

2) Do you still think of Earth as home? Why or why not? I was abducted from Earth at a really young age. I have only a few faint memories, shadows in my mind really, of what my life was like on Earth before I was abducted. I’ve spent most of my life on Aun. I feel more connected to my Aunantet family and because of that I will probably always think of Aun as my home.

3) What do you think is the best way to deal with people or cultures who are different?
Take a moment to realize that it is our differences that make us unique. Just as males are different from females for a reason, so too is every species. You may not like or agree with what they do or how they act but you are not them so who can say that you wouldn’t do the same thing given the same upbringing and circumstances. The best way to deal with people or cultures who are different from you is to be polite, treat them how you would want to be treated, and try to find some common ground if you can.
4) Are there any of your experiences you would like to change? If so, why?
Right away there are a few rather horrid experiences that come to mind, but on reflection I don’t think I would change them anyhow. They made me who I am today. There is one though that I would change if I could. I don’t like to mention it, few realize that there were actually more children abducted by the Aruk than actually lived to see the Aunantet come rescue and adopt us. I remember every one of them; their faces used to give me nightmares. Most of them I couldn’t hope to save, there wasn’t anything I could do- I was too small.

During our very first captivity with the Aruk, when we were still very young, I convinced one of my friends to try and escape with me. Never ask your friend to take a risk with you unless you are sure they can handle the consequences should something go wrong. The Aruk caught us before we could make it out of the base. They punished us, my friend wasn’t strong enough to handle it. My friend died that day and it was my fault.

I’m sorry… Dan tells me that it will get easier to share the more I open up to people about it, but it is still hard. I hope your next question isn’t as hard.

5) (Annah smiles.) I think you are doing very well. My mate, Holder, often tells me I ask tough questions. So I will try to make this easier. What do you think is your strongest quality?
Hmm, ok… I’d actually say I think my strongest quality is my imagination, and my belief that anything is possible. Imagination is at the very heart of reaching your full potential. Without it you’d pretty much just be really smart. Imagination enables me to visualize what I need to make happen which then helps me figure out how to make it happen. That’s true whether I am running circuits in a computer or levitating an object.

6) What’s your favorite food? Icecream… well thats not a food, thats a sweet. Um guacamole with chips… no that’s a side. Don’t tell Eni this but she was always better at making things that didn’t need to be heated. I’ve got it. Peanut butter and jelly! That or tacos- those are hard to burn.
Sitting Down With A Squirrel: Annah Talks To Whirlp

1) What do you think about humans? Hi Annah! Thanks for having me over. Most of the humans I have come across are very intuitive, inquisitive, and aware of their surroundings. Many species’ are lucky if one individual out of ten has all of these traits. They are also quick to jump into the fray to protect and defend their friends. Over all, I’d have to say that humans are very complex and interesting; I’ve enjoyed getting to know them.

2) Do you think the human girl, Laurie, made a good addition to the ECOPs? I do. She is very insightful and very smart. She does an awesome job overseeing mediations. She has a gift for seeing both sides of the argument very well and often coming up with unique resolutions. She’s young, true, and she isn’t as strong as many of the other ECOPs but being an ECOP is less about how strong you are in a fight and more about being able to help people work together more efficiently, solving arguments, and fostering peace.

3) Have you ever been to Earth? Would you, if you had the chance? No, I’ve never been to Earth. Honestly all the cities and the hurrying back and forth would tire me. I enjoy being out on my own, among the trees and stars. I wouldn’t mind going to visit though. That being said, Chris insists that I look like an Earth Iguana, so it might be interesting to get a chance to talk with one. I wonder if we share an ancestor somewhere…

4) Why do you think it’s often difficult for different species to get along? Different species often see things from different points of views, and then some are just stubborn and think their opinion is vastly superior to that of others. We ECOPS can normally help most species here on Exandra figure out how to solve their disagreements. The Platonians on the other hand, it’s best just to steer clear of them if you know what’s best for you.

5) If you could pass along some advice to the human race, what would it be? Never stop being curious, and remember that there is always more than one way to solve any problem.

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