Today, the Portals and Pathways interview spotlight falls on my friend and fellow Dark Moon Press author Angel Rae, author of such books as the novel Magick Man and the nonfiction Conversations with the Dead.  She’s a kind soul who believes that connection is more valuable than isolated self-interest, and I agree with her!  Welcome, Angel!

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? I know, a cliched question—but everyone’s answers are always different, so it’s always worth asking

I have written poetry and short stories since I was a teenager but never considered being an “author” until I was approached by Eric Vernor. So, technically, the “urge” to be a professional writer didn’t come until three years ago!

What do you like to read? Have your favorite authors impacted your own work in specific ways?

Spiritual Nonfiction, Paranormal Nonfiction— Paranormal Romance (fiction) Erotic Novels.  J.R. Ward and Christine Feehan have been huge influences on my style of writing fiction novels.

Do you have any favorite books? 

Nature Speak & Animal Speak & Animal Wise by Ted Andrews.

The writer’s craft is often a solitary one.  Is there a value in community for a writer—writer’s support groups, online writing groups and the like?  What do writers stand to gain from interacting with other authors?

I have found author groups to be quite beneficial, in many ways. I love watching the achievements of other writers, feeling excited for them. What they can do gives me fuel to go after my own goals. Authors that support each other, expand together!

How did you find Dark Moon Press? It found me. I wasn’t even looking for a publisher! I was seeking information on how to get a book printed out or self-publish through by asking Michelle Belanger. She had a friend that owned Dark Moon Press and was more than happy to help me get started on getting my book into print form but asked what my book was about. I explained what I wrote and was soon asked to send my work to the owner, Eric Vernor. A few months later, I was a published author!

You use the pen name Angel Rae. Why Angel Rae and nor Angel Vaow?

Very few can pronounce my last name correctly and my middle name is Rae. When asked what I wanted my name to be, I panicked because I hadn’t thought about any of that! Again, I wasn’t planning on publishing any of my work! So, I thought quick and chose my first and middle name. I could have used my whole first name, but again, I didn’t want to take the chance on people not knowing how to pronounce it right. It’s Angelica, by the way!

What’s a subject you haven’t tackled yet that you’d like to write about? Horror! No doubt!

How would you feel about a film or TV adaptation of one of your books? Elated! Although, my fiction is quite “steamy” and unless it’s put on HBO or CINEMAX, it would be “chopped to bits” and I wouldn’t be happy about that!

Do you listen to music when you work? If so, what kind of music?  If not, why not? After several attempts at this, I cannot. I end up singing and losing focus. I’ve tried listening to Native American flute and drumming music, which I love to listen to, but again, lose focus if it’s a really good song. No music for me. Just throw on Netflix, pick a show and let it play in the background. But, it can’t be a new show that I haven’t seen. It has to be something I’ve seen a million times or it distracts me from writing.

Do you have any advice for writers who are just starting out? Don’t stop at one! Keep writing! Even if you can’t finish a book, move onto another, then go back to the unfinished one. Dedication is key! If you truly want to make a career out of writing, then the time must be put into it as if it’s a full-time job…with no vacation or sick days! Journal everything! Characters, scenes, places, names, topics, titles for future books–everything!