Spotlight on Lenora Rogers



Today’s Portals and Pathways spotlight focuses on author and blogger Lenora Rogers.  She’s been working for several years on her novel The Haunting of Simone, and she also has a fascinating blog that can be found at  She’s a fascinating, friendly, talented and giving soul who’s been through a lot, particularly in the last few years.  Here’s Lenora.


1. How did you get started writing? I’ve always loved reading, especially history and the arts. I’ve been promoting authors for years and thought of writing myself but didn’t think I could. But a good friend named Victoria Adams encouraged me to start with a blog. Once my blog on history and the arts was set up, it grew fast. The next thing I knew, I started working on a historical fiction novel.

2. I know you have a large blog following. How did you develop your blog? I blog on things I’m passionate about like history and the arts. Seems there are many people interested too.  My blog followers grew rapidly.

3. What are some of your interests besides writing? Dance, painting, woodwork and many more.

4.I know that you’ve had some pretty tough health problems over the past few years.  Can you give an overview of what’s happened, just for our “Portals and Pathways” readers who don’t know? I had gastric bypass a year and a half ago and was also found to have gastroparesis, it’s where the nerve in your stomach help push your food into intestine which made eating almost impossibly. I went to a gastroenterologist and was also found to have hereditary hemochromastosis, an iron overload disease, also no cure like gastroparesis, so have phlebotomy treatments. I’m still strugging with health.

5. What are some of the things you do to offer support to other writers? I support writers by blogging and in my writers and readers group which has grown to over 21,000 members. I encourage writers of different genres to blog each other.

6. If readers who see this want to donate, how can they help? I have a gofundme link for donations. You can also donate on PayPal at or send a gift card by mail. It has been difficult trying to get healthy. I need help with meds and medical equipment and food and repairs on my car.


  1. What other activities do you enjoy? I love to go metal detecting with my brother on historic places. I’ve been working on my family genealogy for years. I help feed my elderly neighbors when I can.


  1. Any favorite authors you can tell us about? Favorite types of books? Music?  One of my favorite authors came by accident. I found a set of books that were translated from French to English in the 1800’s by author Honore de Balzac. I enjoy reading from many authors and doing reviews. I love to read horror and nonfiction. I love classic rock, blues, jazz and classical music.


  1. Do you have any advice for beginning writers? Follow your heart and find what your passions are. Just start writing when a story comes to you and don’t worry about spelling and other errors….fix that later. Writing and reading are one way I help keep my mind off being sick and getting depressed. It may work the same for you.  Also, always post reviews for authors to show your support.


Thank you so much, Lenora!